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The Red-Hot Answer to Prayer Book is designed to be interactive and easy to use. These guidelines will be helpful to you as you record both your specific prayers and God’s specific answers. There is nothing more encouraging than to see God dramatically answer specific prayers. Answers to prayer encourage you to trust God more.


Bible promises have been included on every page in order to build your faith and trust in God. Every promise is God’s way of saying, “I love you, and you can trust me.”


The Red-Hot Answer to Prayer Book is designed for you to use personally or with your family as you document modern day miracles. You will discover that God is a prayer-answering God. He loves to dramatically answer specific prayers. This book is part of documenting God's involvement in our lives. Just as the Bible is full of examples of God’s intervention in the lives of people, this book will help you and your family document God’s activity in your lives and will be part of the spiritual heritage for you and your children. And, when you're done with one, just order another one!

The Red-Hot Answers to Prayers Book

SKU: 002-2021
$12.00 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price
  • The Red-Hot Answer to Prayer Book is available for the following volume discounts:

    • Quantities of 26-67 are $8 per copy.
    • Quantities of 68+ are $6 per copy.

    Visit our Volume Discounts page to place a purchase order.

    If you are purchasing 1-25 copies, please continue your order through our online store.

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