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Meet your loving Father in the Lord's Prayer Pattern! Visit the 7 rooms in the house of prayer every day. The 7 rooms are relationship, worship, lordship, sonship, fellowship, leadership, and ownership. The Lord's Prayer Pattern Tract is a great tool to use:​

  • ​in personal prayer
  • ​to encourage someone to take their prayer life deeper
  • ​to evangelize someone you are trying to reach


​It provides a clear and compelling way to utilize the Lord's Prayer Pattern for the purpose of prayer and outreach. This product is sold in bundles of 25. 


Download a PDF preview!

The Lord's Prayer Pattern Tracts

SKU: 002-2018
  • ​Format: A front and back accordion style tract that unfolds to 6.5" high x 12.5" wide bundled in quantities of 25 tracts.
    Publish Date(s): 2018
    Publisher: College of Prayer International

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