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Hearts on Fire is not a book about revival, it is a book of revival. A heart on fire is the invigorating feeling that ignites inside of you when you encounter reality—the reality of the living God, and the reality of who you are meant to be. But fire is more than a feeling—much more! When the fire of God touches something inside of you, the affect is spontaneous combustion. God actually made your heart to be a flame-holder of His presence.


The flow of fire into your heart is just as important as the flow of blood into your heart. You can't live without blood, and in reality, you can't live without fire—not really live! It is not your job to set your heart on fire. Fire is what God does.


Hearts on Fire is altering the course of history. God wants to set your heart on fire and to make you a history-shaper. No one else can take your place. You have a unique mission to fulfill. May God spark revival fire in your heart today!

Hearts on Fire: A Guide to Personal Revival

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