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The manifest presence of God is the power cell of the Church. It is what separates the Church from the fitness center or sports bar down the street. God is more eager too manifest His power and presence in our lives than any of us realize. His manifest presence is what revives the Church—it's what we long for!

The Encountering God Guidebook is a supplement to both the 7-part video series (click here for more information) and also used for in-person Encountering God Weekends hosted at churches throughout the U.S. and Canada (click here for more information).

Encountering God Guidebook

SKU: 002-2020
  • Author: Rev. Fred Hartley, III
    Page Count: 36
    Cover: Soft
    ISBN: 978-0-9988738-8-6
    Publish Date(s): 2020
    Publisher: College of Prayer International

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