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The College of Prayer curriculum is made up of 3 notebooks written in an outline format that contain our core teachings. Lord, Give Us the Nations!, includes 10 dynamic and life-giving lessons that provide the core foundational teachings of the College of Prayer and will lead your church to a fresh encounter with Christ. 

Section 1: Fullness - The Work of Christ In Us

  • Lord, Teach Us to Pray
  • The Lord's Prayer Pattern
  • Receive the Father's Love
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • The Manifest Presence of Christ


Section 2: Fulfillment - The Work of Christ Through Us

  • The Upper Room
  • The Praying Family
  • The Missional Church
  • Ready the Church
  • The Return of Christ

Lord, Give Us the Nations: The Foundational Teachings of the College of Prayer

SKU: 005-2021
  • ​Page Count: 40
    Cover: Soft
    Language: English
    Publish Date(s): 2021
    ​Publisher: College of Prayer International

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