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Rebuild Your Upper Room was the theme of our 2020 Annual iGNITE Conference held in Atlanta, GA. The audio collection of all 7 sessions are contained on this CD. This CD contains the following messages as MP3 files on a single disc:

  • The Upper Room: God's Secret Weapon - Rev. Fred Hartley, III
  • The Five Upper Room Miracles - Rev. Fred Hartley, III
  • Receiving: The Central Upper Room Miracle - Rev. Fred Hartley, III
  • Gathering and Prayer: The Two Preparation Miracles - Rev. Fred Hartley, III
  • Becoming Priests - Pastor Billy Humphrey
  • Ministering to the Presence - Rev. Fred Hartley, III
  • The Upper Room: The Hope of the Nations - Rev. Fred Hartley, III

Ignite: Rebuild Your Upper Room

SKU: 003-2020

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